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Top 10 Unique Experiences

Travel Back In Time In Cuba

Home of cigars and rum, Cuba has not been as affected by the development of global tourism as some of its neighbours have. A self-drive is the best way to experience what Cuba has to offer by visiting small towns and villages with plenty of time to explore and get to know the local area. Evenings will be spent with a cigar and a Havana Beach cocktail in hand, or salsaing and rumbaing the night away in one of Cuba’s lively bars.

Yacht Around The Caribbean

Sail the Caribbean in style on a Sea Dream yacht for an exclusive and exceptional Caribbean journey. Choose to visit Puerto Rico, St Barts, the British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Saint Lucia and more! It is an intimate alternative to the cruiseliners, only sleeping up to 112 guests. The yacht has a wide range of facilities including a fitness suite, spa, water sports including glass bottom kayaks, a library, swimming pool and a golf simulator. The cuisine is world class with a choice of two dining experiences and the excellent all inclusive service allows you to relax in luxury.

Drive A Tuk Tuk In Thailand

In Thailand, the tuks tuks are iconic. During your stay in this beautiful country it is a must to experience some of the vibrant traditions. Start by visiting a riverside flower market before journeying on a long-tail boat down the canal. Next its time to get your tuk tuk driving license. Tuk tuks are motorised rickshaws, that you will be able to take round an obstacle course. Practise parking and reversing with your Thai guide beside you.

Spot Elephants In Sri Lanka

Visiting the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is an inspiring experience. What's more, at the beautiful Yala and Udawalawe national parks you can spot elephants, leopard and wild boar in their natural habitat. Sri Lanka not only boasts fascinating wildlife, but cultural sights and fantastic beaches. See the bright green tea country and witness the tea-making process and the world-heritage sight of Kandy is a must-see.

Stay On A Private Island

Petit St Vincent is a private island resort - the perfect getaway! If you are looking to unwind, the idyllic cottages at Petit St Vincent have no televisions or internet so you can unplug and relax. The 22 cottages are dotted around the island, either nestled in the cliff or on the beach-front. Lazing on your hammock, venturing down to the beach bar and enjoying a spa treatment in the hills are must-dos!

Go Snorkelling In The Riviera Maya

Head to the Riviera Maya to enjoy the floating feeling of drift diving in the Gulf Stream, a powerful Atlantic current. El Bajo is perfect for spotting hammerhead sharks, and for grey whales, Magdalena Bay is for you. Los Isoltes is where captivating Californian sea lions will be curious enough to approach you underwater. The unspoilt coast and glistening blue waters are truly a water-lover's paradise. 

Experience The Balinese Way Of Life

Bali one of the ultimate destinations to visit for a completely new cultural experience. Take a break from the pool-side and spend a day as a Bongkasa villager. Travel past bright green terrace rice fields before you meet the friendly locals. Join the ladies in weaving a palm leaf to make an offering, followed by enjoying traditional Balinese cake with tea.

Enjoy Oman's Diversity

Oman is unique to its neighbouring Arabian Gulf countries because of the wadis, desert, beaches and mountains that it has, all within close range of each other. Oman’s many forts and castles, souks and shopping add to the exciting and unique experience. With so much to see, our tailor-made private tours allow you to go where you want at the pace you want and we will do all the bookings for you. Visit Jabreen Castle one day and Wahiba Sands the next for a unique and memorable experience.

Immerse Yourself In Authentic Vietnam

We recommend you visit the beautiful country of Vietnam as soon as possible to gain an authentic experience. With plenty of culture, your unique experience can start in Hanoi for some sightseeing including visiting the Ho Chi Minh Complex. From there to Halong Bay to cruise the limestone cliffs and then on to Hue and finally the historic Hoi An for cooking classes and guided walks of the port.

Become A Cowboy & Explore The Wild West

Enjoy desert horse rides, cookouts under the stars, cattle drives, real-life rodeos and more on a ranch holiday. Choose between working, guest and resort ranches depending on the your riding preferences. Follow this with a self-drive - whether you want to explore Utah or California, or see the bright lights of Las Vegas, a route can be tailor-made for you. Dramatic canyons, diverse cities and awe-inspiring scenery awaits.