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Family Holidays

Top 10 Beaches for Families

Skiathos Princess
Skiathos, Greece

Sitting in a picturesque location, Skiathos Princess Resort is host to a beautiful secluded beach that adds to the overall value of a luxury family holiday. At this hotel, the beach is not an accessory to your room but truly part of a lifestyle. Spend the early morning letting your kids build sandcastles near the shore or sit together after dinner and enjoy the sunset and waves from your private balcony.

If you are looking for more adventure, there are a range of water sports on offer that the whole family can get involved with as well as sailing boats for hire if interested in spending the day chartering nearby water on your own. Whether you choose to spend your quality family time basking in the sun near the shore or observing from afar, your stay at the Skiathos will without a doubt last for a lifetime.

Chia Laguna Resort
Southern Sardinia, Italy

Elegant and stylish, Chia Laguna is not only known for its quality of service but also for the beauty that surrounds its exterior. Located next to a beach with intricate sand dunes, it exudes classic holiday luxury. With the Sulcis mountains as a backdrop, the stunning turquoise water reflects the beaming Sardinia sun, providing an enchanting experience for children and parents alike.Your little ones will love frolicking in the white sand and will amuse themselves for quite some time watching waves go in and out from the shore.

A range of water sports are also available at the beach including sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, and canoeing, all which are sure to provide an exciting day out for the whole family, both young and older. The resort operates a land train shuttle service to the beach through the day.

The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort
Langkawi, Malaysia

The Andaman Resort & Spa offers first class service and access to the luxurious Datai Bay, a vision of tranquility that is considered to be one of the premier beaches in the region. Offering a fringing coral reef, this beach has a protected shoreline, perfect for those with small children who want to have some fun in the sun but also are concerned about tidal safety.

Totally secluded, your family will feel as if you are on your own small island rather than having a day at the beach.  If you’re interested in getting active during your time out on the beachfront, consider some of the popular water sports including kayaking and cat boating. There is also a selection of catamarans and canoes available.

For an underwater experience that both kids and parents will enjoy, try the complimentary snorkelling. There is an astonishing amount of marine life to see which will provide outstanding memories of your time in the area. Families love returning to Datai Bay beach time and time again because of its beauty and the way it touches their senses from first impression.

Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort

Long Beach is home to the longest and widest stretch of white sandy beach land of any Mauritian resort. Lapped by a lagoon, this newly christened oasis is scenic and the perfect location for a family holiday in the Indian Ocean.

The architecture reflects the resort's tropical theme that you will find throughout your room and the hotel itself. Outside, you can walk along the shoreline, admiring the crystal clear blue waters and rare coral formations, letting your family indulge in your own private paradise.

A great place for snorkelling in particular, there are also many other water sports available for a perfect day out in the sun.  Unforgettable, a trip to Long Beach will create memories for the entire family for a lifetime.

Santiburi Beach Resort, Golf & Spa
Koh Samui, Thailand

Often described as a pure paradise on earth, Santiburi Beach Resort is located in a beautiful tropical park, hosting grown palm trees, rare flowers, and most impressively its own private beach. Made of golden fine sand with no tidal waves, this beach is the perfect swimming spot, particularly for those with families.

Tranquil and relaxing, this beach feels like its own exclusive escape and is a perfect retreat to make the family feel closer together and spend some bonding time outdoors.

Carlisle Bay
Antigua & Barbuda

One of the most adored and celebrated resorts in the Caribbean, Carlisle Bay is situated on a fabulous and breathtaking beachfront. Complemented by the backdrop of tropical rainforest-covered hills, it is encapsulated by a sparkling sea that all the family will enjoy. 

Family-friendly beach suites make for the perfect accommodation, offering memorable views and spacious areas for you to enjoy relaxing after a long day out in the sun.

Children of all ages will love the wide range of activities near the water that are available to them. Treated like royalty, they will receive a mini-bathrobe and a box of toys that they can take with them for their adventures in the sand. Older children will appreciate the host of water sports helping them to stay active and have a good time. A sophisticated combination of elegance and luxury, this is the ideal beach hotel for your next family holiday.

LUX South Ari Atoll

Situated along two kilometres of paradise on both sides, Lux* is incredibly welcoming. For families, it is a luxury escape perfect for bonding and quality time. Enveloped by a beautiful beach, it is also surrounded by coral sands and a crystal clear lagoon.

Considered to be one of the Maldives' most inviting hotels, you will find a wide range of activities available outdoors. Kids will enjoy the opportunity to admire dolphins and whales which can sometimes be seen in the distance. For adults, relaxing in the sun is a sanctuary of indulgence.

Prepare to embrace the beauty and friendliness of this tropical retreat. Located just 25 minutes away from Male, it is a far cry from everyday life. Offering tranquility and peacefulness in its sandy shore surrounds, your family will be planning its return to Diva before you depart.