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Kids Beyond the Med

W&ONDERFUL, Worldwide Family Holidays

Looking for an exceptional family holiday experience you'll all treasure? You've come to the right place. In Kids Beyond the Med, Western & Oriental and ITC Luxury Travel have brought together the very best of family holiday destinations and experiences. So, whether you wish to trek with elephants in Thailand, or flop on the beach in Dubai, we hope you'll be inspired by this exceptional collection of hotels and resorts. See below for just a few of our 'Kids Beyond...' highlights.

Thinking of staying closer to home? Check out our Kids in the Med pages for Europe's finest family holidays and find out more about our family-focussed ethos.

Our Kids Beyond the Med highlights:

At White Stallion Ranch in Arizona the whole family can enjoy a host of activities such as cattle penning, fun cook outs, hayrides, a weekly ranch rodeo and exciting moonlight bonfires with cowboy entertainment!

All ages will love learning about the Asian elephant from their mahouts (elephant trainers), as well as helping to feed and clean these magnificent animals whilst staying at Elephant Hills camp in Thailand.

Kids will love the time they spend at Kids Camp at the Beaches Resorts in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos, with a host of activities and special appearances from beloved Sesame Street® characters!

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