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What type of honeymoon is right for me?

How do you make a final decision about where you want to take the most special holiday of your life, your honeymoon? Start with deciding what type of honeymoon you would like the enjoy - beach, active, city break or even multi-centre? Read below for our collection honeymoon types that our travel specialists can tailor-make to suit you and your partner. 


This is the most common honeymoon type, giving you a chance to unwind after the rush of the wedding. Many couples prefer to enjoy post-wedding bliss by the pool or on the beach at one of our luxurious and romantic resorts. A personal service by both our travel specialists and the concierge put the perfect finishing touches to your honeymoon, like a private romantic picnic for two on a deserted beach or a ready run bath with rose petals upon arrival. Look to the pristine beaches of the Caribbean, Indian Ocean or Far East.


A multi-centre holiday makes the most of the time you have off after your wedding. Spend some time in Dubai on your way to the Far East, or stopover in New York on your way back from the Caribbean, or island hopping Greece. If your ideal honeymoon is relaxing by the beach in the Maldives but your loved one would rather take a safari in Sri Lanka, a multi-centre holiday allows you to combine your interests. You get the best of both worlds, and see the best of the world! See our dedicated multi-centre inspiration page for more ideas.

City Breaks

Europe is perfect for a mini-moon. Italy holds its rightful place as one of the romantic countries in the world. The country boasts the iconic cities of VeniceFlorence and Rome have a wealth of spots to discover as a couple. Croatia’s Dubrovnik offers castles and cobbled streets, it oozes romance at every corner.

Further afield there are the bright lights of New York and Las Vegas for a honeymoon with fantastic entertainment, fine cuisine, endless shopping and iconic sightseeing.


A safari offers a honeymoon amidst the splendour of nature. Stare up at the stars at night and fall asleep to the hum of wildlife and get back to nature in a private and romantic setting. For a twist, look to India and Sri Lanka for national parks and game drives to spot majestic tigers, elephants and a wealth of unique wildlife.

Honeymoon in Africa with our sister company, Rainbow Tours, for a rustic experience.


For those who thrive on history and culture, it is a popular choice for couples to visit destinations rich in traditions and a different way of life. Sharing the intimate journey of discovering a new and unusual place with your spouse is the perfect way to start your married life together, whether that's learning about the exotic Thai or Vietnamese culture, the traditions of the Middle East, the vibrancy of India or Cuba's way of life.

Honeymoons Service at Western & Oriental

For every couple there is a unique honeymoon that will suit their exact tastes and expectations and here at Western & Oriental, we are ready to make it happen. We have launched an exciting new way to plan your honeymoon in our Honeymoons by Appointment bespoke service; join your personal honeymoon travel specialist in our Honeymoon Pod to discuss your ideas, after which you can enjoy a day package with lunch in a top London hotel or an overnight package where you can stay in a hotel and take in a West End show. Don’t forget about our Honeymiles scheme, whereby your wedding guests can contribute to your honeymoon fund and even pick a specific luxury experience they would love for you to enjoy.

For more information, take a look at our honeymoon hotels or call our travel specialists.