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North Africa Holidays

Holidays in North Africa

North Africa is a convenient and vibrant destination for beach holidays plus cultural and historical sight-seeing.

Egypt, is rich in archaeological sites. From the Pyramids and bustling souks of Cairo to the magical Nile and its temples or the clear waters and spectacular reefs of the Red Sea, Egypt enthrals.

Western & Oriental  have carefully selected a range of North Africa holidays designed for families or couples, so browse our collection today.With so much to choose from, our experienced Africa specialists will help you decide which African holiday is right for you. 

North Africa Honeymoon Experiences

North Africa is a great location for a multi-centre honeymoon. Rich in archaeological sites from the Pyramids to the bustling souks of Cairo, you will enjoy your honeymoon not only amongst some of the greatest cultural sites in the world but also in the lap of luxury. The magical River Nile reflecting beautiful temples makes for a stunning backdrop and beautiful views. The Red Sea enthrals with spectacular reefs that are sure to dazzle and really heighten the overall experience for you in this great place.

Call our North Africa specialists to discuss your travel requirements and we’ll put together your holiday of a lifetime.

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