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Holidays in Caribbean

If the Caribbean is what you’ve set your heart on, then you’ve already chosen somewhere pretty amazing. But at Western and Oriental we want to improve on amazing by making sure your experience is unique to you.

From Anguilla to St Lucia, Cuba to the Virgin Islands, Western & Oriental know all about Caribbean holidays and will help you select the perfect island to suit your personality. Caribbean holidays are perfect for island hopping, honeymoons, sport or complete relaxation our collection of luxury Caribbean holidays offers a selection of spa sanctuaries and yoga retreats.

The Caribbean is a culinary delight for those after a gastronomic feast and our holidays have been chosen for their cuisine, service and local charm.

We’ve carefully selected a range of hotels from All Inclusive Caribbean holidays on popular islands like Antigua, Barbados and St Lucia, to hotels that are surrounded by the beauty of nature like those on Dominica and the Virgin Islands.

No two islands are the same so even if you return year after year, you’ll have a different experience. Some islands are only miles apart, yet they seem worlds apart when you visit them. African, American, British, French, and Spanish influences mix together in the Caribbean melting pot, creating unique cultures and special relationships to the homes of their original settlers.

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