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Turks & Caicos Travel Guide

Why Turks & Caicos?

Why Turks & Caicos?

One of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets, Turks and Caicos comprise around 30 small islands and cays each fringed with a liberal dusting of sugary white, palm-studded sand, lapped by dappled turquoise and sapphire waters and drenched in bright Caribbean sunshine. Abundant in pristine bays and sleepy, secluded coves that look like they’ve been scraped straight off a postcard, only eight of the thirty islands are inhabited and even there, life creeps along at a languorous pace in endearingly historic towns and villages. Prepare yourself to fall in love with the islands that many have never heard of, and that you won’t want to leave. 

Why Turks & Caicos with us?

Our dedicated team of Caribbean experts are regular visitors to the islands of Turks and Caicos, frequently returning to the resorts that we sell to ensure that we stay up to date with all their latest development. In addition to their wealth of knowledge about the multitude of attractions on offer across the islands, they also have a genuine passion for Turks and Caicos as a holiday destination, and are committed to ensuring that you end your visit feeling the same way!

What is the best time to visit Turks & Caicos?

The Turks and Caicos are blessed with a year-round warm climate, however high season tends to run from mid-December through to April, coinciding with the driest time of year in the Caribbean and winter in the UK, USA and Canada. The ‘off season’ (from May through to September) is still a perfectly nice time to come to Turks & Caicos – temperatures are higher and rain slightly more frequent, however south easterly trade winds help to offset both.

Our Turks & Caicos Travel Experts

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