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Turks & Caicos Holidays

Holidays in Turks & Caicos

Compared with its more refined neighbours, Turks & Caicos are more than a match when it comes to natural beauty. Their own government works tirelessly in keeping the islands as unspoilt as possible. Only eight of the islands are inhabited, leaving a vast virgin paradise ripe for exploring, and these islands are home to the best beach in the world, Grace Bay.
Discover Nature In Its Purest Form
Walk along Chalk Sound National Park and gaze at the stunning islets that look as if they’re floating on the turquoise sea. Or take a boat further out during the Humpback Whale season and see one of these majestic animals basking in the warm ocean. So much of Turks and Caicos has been left untouched, thanks to its government who are dedicated to protecting its natural beauty.
The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World
Many destinations in the Caribbean boast the title of ‘best beach’, but in Turks and Caicos, it’s not an empty bluff. Having won the top spot on the Travellers’ Choice Best Beach several years in a row, Grace Bay is the Best Beach in the World, capital letters and all. But in Turks and Caicos, stunning beaches are just on the surface. It is the best spot for snorkelling. You’ll pinch yourself as you swim through marine life that makes you feel as if you’re living a David Attenborough documentary.
Enjoy The Providencial Life In Providenciales
The most-lively island might feel like Tokyo compared to the surrounding desert islands, but it’s really just a fishing town. It’s a laid-back place, but not everywhere is low key, like our favourite haunt, Calico Jack, a pirate-themed bar. If you’re after something more refined, there’s a select smattering of five-star restaurants with unspoilt views of the picture-perfect ocean.

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