Turks & Caicos Travel Guide

Turks & Caicos FAQ

What do I need to do before travelling?

We suggest that all our customers review foreign office advice for Turks and Caicos before travelling. Click here for the latest information from the foreign office.

What are the visa requirements?

Those with a valid UK passport will not require a visa to enter Turks and Caicos. Upon entry, the Turks and Caicos immigration department will usually give you permission to stay for up to 90 days. Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of up to 6 months from your date of entry into Turks and Caicos. 

What is the currency in Turks & Caicos?

The official currency of Turks and Caicos is the US Dollar.

Will I need to bring an adaptor?

Turks and Caicos use the same electrical outlets and sockets as those found in the USA, so an adaptor will be required. 

What is the language in Turks & Caicos?

English is the official language of the Turks and Caicos islands, however Turks and Caicos Creole (similar to Bahamian Creole) is also widely spoken.

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