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Anguilla Travel Guide

Things To Do In Anguilla

Top 10 Things to See and Do

Top 10 Things to See and Do

1. With its blissfully warm, turquoise waters and seven excellent marine parks, Anguilla is a choice location for diving and snorkelling. Go shark spotting at Scrub Island, or dive to El Buen Consejo’s ocean floor to marvel at the 960-tonne Spanish galleon that rests there!

2. The National Trust of Anguilla provide free heritage tours, which serve as a great way to thoroughly explore the island accompanied by someone in-the-know. It is advisable to book your tour 24 hours in advance, and expect an 8am departure time.

3. Located on the main drag of the islands west end, Cheddie’s carving studios are where stunningly skilled wood-carver Cheddie transforms pieces of old driftwood into magnificent wooden sculptures. Stop by to watch him work, and witness something truly magical.

4. Anguilla boasts no less than thirty three beautiful beaches, each with their own unique charms. From secluded coves to soft sandy stretches lined by lively bars, and several beaches that have accumulated an impressive string of awards, your only difficulty will be deciding which stretch of paradise to head to each day!

5. Hop aboard and Anguilla boat tour vessel for a breathtaking new way to explore the island; spacious, comfortable boats with friendly captains will steer you around Anguilla, stopping off at various picturesque points of interest such as Sandy Island, Dog Island and Little Bay.

6. For what is truly a once in a lifetime experience, take to the Caribbean Sea to frolic among the dolphins! Dolphin Discovery is one of the Caribbeans biggest swim-with-dolphins facilities, and friendly, professional trainers guide you through a variety of interactions with these majestic creatures, including the ‘dorsal tow’ and ‘foot push’.

7. Just a short twenty minute boat ride away, a day trip to the nearby island of St. Martin feels a lot like a brief sojourn to the south of France! Part of the French West Indies, the streets are lined with elegant restaurants, mouth-watering patisseries and excellent shops, while the surfing opportunities are also second to none.

8. Kick up sand with a horseback ride along the beach at sunset; canter briskly through the shallows and enjoy astonishing views out over the sea as the sun sinks into the horizon, transforming the sky into a tropical kaleidoscope.

9. The glittering, topaz waters that surround Anguilla beckon you to test them out in whatever way you see fit – and the island does not disappoint, with facilities for sailing, kite-boarding, surfing, kayaking and paddle-boarding!.

10. As if you need any more help relaxing in Anguilla’s paradise surroundings, the island boasts a number of excellent spas where you can fully unwind and rejuvenate in a peaceful yet luxurious setting. Viceroy and CuisinArt’s spas are among the best on the island, offering full spa services including facials, scrubs, hair treatments, cleanses etc. 

Culture in Anguilla

Culture in Anguilla

Anguilla is a dependent territory of Great Britain, with a culture that derives from both British and West Indian influences. There is minimal class distinction on the island and no great disparity in individual wealth, forging an atmosphere of unity and camaraderie that is immediately noticeable. The island plays host to many colourful festivals and celebrations, most of which are based around historical events; the best known of these is the Summer Festival (held every August) which celebrates the island emancipation. 

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