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Holidays in St Vincent & Grenadines

They say that St Vincent is the kite, and the Grenadine Islands are the tail, trailing some 80 miles south towards Grenada. Reputed to be the best sailing waters in the Caribbean, there are nearly 32 small islands, cays and islets. Among them you’ll find some of the world’s most attractive hideaways.

These are some of the most delightful islands you are ever likely to find. Cruise by or stay for a while - you are bound to find beauty and tranquillity in this Garden of Eden during your luxury holiday to St Vincent and Grenadines.

St Vincent itself is volcanic. Much of the central region is covered in thick forest and its many beaches are of both black and golden sand...

Mustique is one of the smaller islands, but is the best known thanks to its high-profile residents. It boasts nine pearly soft beaches and is an island of coastal contrasts; gentle Caribbean waters lapping the shoreline in one part, while dramatic seven-foot waves pound against ragged rocks further along the coast.

The other islands we feature in this delightful archipelago are every bit as special, if less well known – exclusive and wonderfully laid back and original Young Island, discreetly relaxing Palm Island and unspoilt Canouan Island.

These islands offer luxury and activity and could make the combination you’re looking for from your Caribbean holiday.

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