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Pacific Islands Holidays

Holidays in Pacific Islands

Though few are lucky enough to venture to their shores, the Pacific Islands reward visitors who make the epic journey with a blueprint for paradise itself.
And certainly what makes our offering in this region – Fiji, Cook Islands and French Polynesia – so outstanding is its remoteness, ensuring deserted beaches, personal, friendly service and a true sense of ‘away from it all’.
Here at Western & Oriental we’re all about ‘experiential travel’, and this stunning scattering of isles in the Pacific Ocean are exactly that. While you may think that experiences here amount to just laying on a beach for two weeks – and of course they can should you so wish – there’s also an abundance of eye-opening wonders to discover; from some of the finest dive sites in the world to traditional markets showcasing exceptional local craftsmanship.
Fiji is home to 332 islands, offering miles of crystal clear waters intertwined with spectacular coral reefs and some of the finest marine life anywhere in the world. The entire Pacific Islands is renowned for its incredibly friendly people, with Fijians giving a very warm ‘Bula’ (welcome) to those who venture to her waters. 
Head across the International Date Line and the South Pacific is also home to the swaying palms and thatch-roofed overwater bungalows of the Cook Islands, laying halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand – making them perfect for a two-stop holiday. Jungle trekking, colourful culture and food to dream of long after you’ve returned home ensure this tiny corner of the world will create a travel experience to remember forever.
Further east still, French Polynesia is another collection of islands where picture-postcard beaches, dreamy hotels and new discoveries await. Head first to Tahiti, where you can hire a car and easily travel around the small island, stopping off at waterfalls, the Paul Gauguin museum and of course the infamous Teahupoʻo; renowned big wave surf spot of YouTube legend! Just ten miles north is Moorea, a scenic, volcanic island with a lush green interior that inspired James Michener's book, Tales of the South Pacific. The island is very much seen as an undiscovered part of French Polynesia compared to its more famous neighbour Bora Bora, but its immense beauty and natural wonders shouldn’t be overlooked on a visit to the region.
Perfect for a dreamy honeymoon, and nicknamed ‘the most romantic island in the world’, Bora Bora has been the holiday destination of choice of many a household name over the years. Why? Home to an exceptional portfolio of top hotels, visitors can recline in utter luxury whilst watching the sunset from their overwater bungalow after a day spent snorkelling in the clear lagoon or shopping for pearls in Vaitape. A guided walk through the forests that cascade down the side of the island’s Mont Otemanu is worth the effort for the incredible view at the top.
Here at Western & Oriental our portfolio is broad, and we are constantly adding new and exciting destinations to ensure our travellers have an amazing level of choice. Our Pacific Islands holidays are currently being created on our website, but our Destination Experts already have the means of designing the perfect holiday experience for you. Should you wish, they can put together a bespoke quote, with inspiring hotel options and an itinerary that includes your personal ‘must-sees’. 
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