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Mexico Holidays

Holidays in Mexico

You don't have to be on an island to be in the Caribbean. Mexico's Riviera Maya has iconic tropical beaches with a springle of Mexican spice. So whether you're after a luxurious beach retreat or a fiery fiesta of an adventure, we can make magic happen in Mexico.
Sun, Sea & Chilli
The Yucatán Peninsula may boast beautiful beaches and coves, but it also sizzles with energy. Cancun has restaurants, bars and clubs as well as some magnificent beaches. Crunch away on a taco with the Caribbean sea sparkling in the distance. Bask in the tropical sun and enjoy a mojito (or tequila) before heading over to bars and clubs at night.
Mayan & Modern
Yucatán peninsula has a rich mix of cultural sites, including Mexico’s most famous Mayan ruin – Chichén Itzá. The ancient city’s stone pyramid is the most famous piece of Mayan architecture. Throughout the area, there are mementos of Mexico’s ancient civilisation mixed with modern life. Crumbling ruins are scattered in bustling cities, like Merída, the Yucatán capital.
Abundant Wildlife In Sea & On Land
On the Riviera Maya, you’ll find some of best snorkelling spots in the Caribbean. With coves, natural lakes and a chance to swim with majestic whale sharks, the coast has more to do and see than you can fit in a lifetime. There are some amazing adventure parks to enjoy with the family too. We especially love Xcaret with underground rivers, jungle fauna and flora. Activities such as zip-lining through the trees make the park a thrilling day out.

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