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Japan Holidays

Holidays in Japan

Japan is a truly unique place where ancient culture blends with modern style and technology.
This is a country full of adventure and iconic experiences; two thirds of Japan is covered by mountains, meaning there is excellent hiking, skiing and climbing to be enjoyed here, as well as some truly stunning vistas.
Cosmopolitan Tokyo is a popular stop on any Japanese holiday; the metropolis boasts the most Michelin stars in the world, and its blend of vibrant pop culture and ancient traditions make this a wonderfully diverse city ripe for exploration. For more neon-bright cityscapes try Osaka, or for something more historic visit Kyoto, home to over 1,000 temples. Japan’s ancient culture is honoured and reflected in shrines and architecture across the country, but particularly memorable highlights can be found in the torii shrine at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Miyajima, or in the moving memorial shrines and gardens at Hiroshima.
Indulge in retail therapy in some of the most fashionable places in the world; explore Tokyo’s stylish Ginza district for designer gear, head to Osaka’s Denden Town for a world of electrical goods, or visit Kyoto for a fascinating mix of high-street shops and independent boutiques selling traditional Japanese arts and crafts.
For those seeking rich culture and history to immerse themselves in, Japan is a perfect destination; traditional architecture, temples and shrines can be found all over the country. A trip to Tsumago is like stepping into history – the town has meticulously recreated its Edo period atmosphere by hiding visible traces of modern life on the traditionally-designed streets.  Takayama is an atmospheric stop for travellers too, with its rural setting and carefully preserved Old Town.
Japan boasts some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, and a massive amount of variety. The Japanese Alps of Central Honshu are a spectacular sight, and visitors here can experience fantastic skiing and hiking as well as traditional Japanese onsen hot-springs. For something totally different travel to Okinawa, a collection of sub-tropical islands with dense forests, soft sandy beaches and crystalline waves.  
At Western & Oriental we are experts in bespoke, experiential holidays, and we can tailor-make your Japan holiday to ensure it matches your travel wish-list. Whether you’re looking for a city break, a cultural retreat, a sight-seeing tour or a trip packed with action and adventure, a Japan holiday offers it all. 
We are currently introducing an exciting portfolio in Japan and our team can put together a selection of premium holidays and tours to inspire your Japanese adventure. Speak to a Destination Expert to discover more and start planning your tailor-made Japan holiday…
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