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Jamaica Holidays

Holidays in Jamaica

Think of Jamaica and you think of sizzling jerk chicken, reggae beats and the laid-back resta way of life. Beyond those typical images are idyllic beaches, beautiful blue mountains and a jumping street life. We never forget that beneath all the green, yellow and black memorabilla, Jamaica is a paradise. 

Where else can you find lagoons that glow at night and the best coffee ever grown on a misty mountain? Nature still takes pride of place in Jamaica. If you want to see the countryside, why not see it on horseback? You can even ride bareback along the beach. Jamaica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean – especially Long Beach in Negril with its uninterrupted stretch of white sand.
It’s almost impossible to escape Bob Marley’s presence. Whether you’re relaxing at the beach with a cocktail or exploring the busy streets of Kingston, his reggae soundtrack will follow you. Jamaica has inspired more than its fill of great artists, and not just musicians. Visit Ian Fleming’s estate, Goldeneye, where he penned many of James Bond’s missions.
The party never ends in Jamaica and as one of the most musically influential nations, there’s always an opportunity to dance your sandals off. But most of the time, the easy-going atmosphere that makes up Jamaica’s charm will have you chillin’ on one of the sleepy beaches. Jamaican cuisine is diverse, but our favourite dishes include Jamaican patties, jerk meat and fish or curry goat.

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