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India Travel Guide

India FAQ

What do I need to do before travelling?

We suggest that all our customers review foreign office advice for India before travelling. Click here for the latest information from the foreign office. Please also refer to Visa requirements below.  

What are the visa requirements?

British citizens do require a visa to enter India, it is therefore vital that you ensure you have arranged this prior to your departure from the UK as this cannot be obtained on arrival in India. If you do not have the necessary visa documentation with you at check-in, your airline can refuse to board you on the flight. We would invite you to visit and carefully read the guidelines for specific type of photos as the normal passport size photos are not valid anymore for Indian visa.

What is the currency in India?

The national currency in India is the Rupee (Rs), however credit cards are widely accepted in all major tourist areas. 

Will I need to bring an adaptor?

The voltage in India is the same as here and a travel plug is essential to take for hair dryers, camera chargers, etc.  They use the round three pin plugs.

What is the language in India?

Although India has many languages reflecting its diverse culture, Hindi is the official national language although English is widely spoken.  Interestingly, the states here are free to decide their own language, thus there are 18 official languages in the country.

Is India safe?

Women should be cautious when travelling alone and avoid wearing jewelry overtly. You should also not drink the tap water in your hotel or anywhere in India, as well as avoiding ice in your drinks. We recommend that before travelling you check the Foreign Office website for up-to-date safety advice:

What is the cuisine like?

Resorts and hotels in India offer a varied range of restaurants and bars, serving national dishes as well as international cuisine. Smaller hotels may only serve local cuisine with modifications available. We advise avoiding street food as this may have been out in the hot sun and drink only bottled water, avoiding ice in your drinks unless it is within a hotel that has its own water purification system. Alcohol can be purchased easily all over India, except in Gujarat which is a dry state. 

Eating in India is extremely reasonable and the following amounts may be used as a general guideline to help you in planning how much money to take to cover your food whilst in India. Obviously these prices will vary according to how much you eat and what items you choose on the menu (items such as lobster, king prawns, caviar and the more rarefied imported food items are very expensive). However, this may be used as a useful guideline.

Continental breakfast £6 - £7

Full breakfast  £8 - £10

Lunch (simple lunch at small hotels / cafes when en route somewhere) £8 - £10

Lunch (at the larger, city hotels, in town) £12 - £15

Dinner (full 3 course, at large, city hotels, without alcohol)  £20 - £30

Dinner (full 3 course, at small hotels, restaurants in town, without alcohol)  £15 - £25

How do I contact the tourist board?

Check out for more information on everything you’ll need to know for a holiday to India.

Can I arrange airport parking?

Airport parking can be arranged through us, as well as airport hotels and lounges to ensure your travelling is as smooth and comfortable as possible. 

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