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India Destinations

North India  and Rajasthan
North India and Rajasthan
A colourful land of heritage and contrasts, Rajasthan and the North stretches through the vast Thar Desert, ancient Aravalli Mountain Range and central plains, to the mighty Ganges River. Steeped in 5,000 years of history and tradition, ‘India’s heartland’ embraces the modern whilst maintaining its rich heritage.
The Himalayas and the Foothills
The Himalayas and the Foothills
Breathtaking mountainous peaks, sparkling blue glacial rivers and verdant forests; the beautiful Himalayas provide a picturesque backdrop to a peaceful and spiritually diverse region.
West and Central India
West and Central India
Contrasting, captivating and inspiring, central India is a land of rolling mountains and ruins. Ruled for 200 years by the fantastically wealthy Nizams and Mughals, their legacy is still seen in the palaces, tombs and mosques that litter the landscape.
Kerala and South India
Kerala and South India
Tropical and spiritual, Kerala and the south is notably different to the rest of the country. With a history dating back over 3000 years, this slower paced region is rich in ancient relics and steeped in traditions.
East India
East India
Stretching from the southern Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal, India’s East is its most unique and rural region. Vibrant temples, tribal villages, tea plantations and river ways, make up a vast majority of the East, making for a culturally rich journey experienced nowhere else in India.

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