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Cyprus Travel Guide

Cyprus FAQ

What do I need to do before travelling?

We suggest that all our customers review foreign office advice for Cyprus before travelling. Click here for the latest information from the foreign office.

What are the visa requirements?

UK citizens will not require a visa to enter Cyprus. For stays of up to three months, your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. 

What is the currency in Cyprus?

The official currency of Cyprus is the Euro. Hotels, large shops and restaurants accept credit card, travellers cheque and banknotes of major foreign currency.

Will I need to bring an adaptor?

Cyprus uses the same 3-pin style plugs an outlets as the UK – although the voltage is slightly different, it is tolerable, and you will not require an adaptor. 

What is the language in Cyprus?

The official languages of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish 

Are there any customs or public holidays I should be aware of?

While in Cyprus, you should avoid taking photographs near potentially sensitive areas like military establishments. 

Is Cyprus safe?

Crime against tourists is uncommon, however you should still be careful to safeguard your valuables. 

What is the cuisine like?

Cypriot food mainly draws its influences from Greek and Turkish cuisine. Rich and varied, dishes such as kebabs, mousaka and stuffed vine leaves feature prominently, as do appetizers such as hummus, tzatziki, tahini and haloumi. 

What nightlife is available?

In the past decade, Cyprus has become notorious for their range of clubbing hotspots including Agia Napa, Paphos and Limassol.  These are at their busiest during the summer months, and boast a wide range of nightclubs, bars, pubs and boat parties for the discerning clubber to choose from. 

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