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British Virgin Islands Travel Guide

British Virgin Is. FAQ

What do I need to do before travelling?

We suggest that all our customers review foreign office advice for the British Virgin Islands before travelling. Click here for the latest information from the foreign office.

What are the visa requirements?

British nationals do not require visas to visit the British Virgin Islands, and it is normal practice for BVI immigration to issue you with a one month entry stamp upon your arrival into the country.


What is the currency in the British Virgin Islands?

The official currency of the British Virgin Islands is the US dollar.


Will I need to bring an adaptor?

The British Virgin Islands primarily use electrical outlets similar to those found in the USA and Canada, therefore a universal adaptor will be required. 

What is the cuisine like?

Although many of the foods found in the British Virgin Islands are imported, local farmers do grow fruit and vegetables and rear animals, and these goods are sold in local open air markets. Traditional food on the island tends to be fairly spicy and hearty; a dish called Fungi is a staple of the Virgin Islands diet, consisting of cornmeal boiled with okra, usually eaten with boiled fish or saltfish. 

What is the language in the British Virgin Islands?

English is the official language of the British Virgin Islands, although a form of creole is also widely spoken by inhabitants. 


Are there any customs or public holidays I should be aware of?

Be aware that fishing without the correct permit carries steep penalties in the British Virgin Islands, and is forbidden within the boundaries of all marine parks. 

Are the British Virgin Islands safe?

Although the British Virgin Islands are relatively safe, take usual precautions to safeguard  your belongings, as theft and mugging does sometimes occur.

What nightlife is available?

The quality of the nightlife in the British Virgin Islands will depend largely upon which island you are staying on; while the pace of life is more sedate on many, larger islands such as Tortola boast several lively bars, and neighbouring US Virgin Islands St Thomas and St Croix each have vibrant after-dark scenes.


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