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Bahamas Travel Guide

Why Bahamas?

What is the best time to visit the Bahamas

The Bahamas are blessed with a year-round warm climate, although the rainfall does pick up slightly during the months of May through to September. Mid-December through to Mid-April mark the islands peak season, when temperatures are at their highest! 

Why Bahamas?

Scattered across the dappled turquoise and sapphire waters of the Atlantic Ocean like a fractured mirage, the Bahamas consist of hundreds of sun soaked islands of varying shapes and sizes. When planning a holiday to these sandy shores, however, you will be quick to discover that their size is not their only variant; each of the islands is imbued with its own unique character, meaning that whether you are hoping for the remote beauty of an unspoilt wilderness, a glamorous, celeb-studded party mecca or an oases of sun, sea and simple pleasures, you are sure to find it here. What the islands do share is their DNA of laidback, Caribbean charm, spectacular scenery and, of course, world-class beaches. 

Why Bahamas with us?

Our knowledgeable team of Caribbean experts have visited the Bahamas numerous times, frequently revisiting the resorts that we sell in order to stay up to date with all new developments.  Not only are they well informed about all the attractions on offer across this spectacular collection of islands, but they are truly passionate about Bahamas as a holiday destination, and committed to ensuring that you end your holiday feeling the same way. 

The Islands

The Bahamian capital is a riot of colour. Even the government buildings have been treated to a lick of pink paint. Multi-coloured houses, museums, restaurants and laid-back bars all cram together in the jigsaw puzzle city. But this tropical metropolis still has space for some fantastic beaches such as Cable Beach, home to the lavish luxury of Sandals Royal Bahamian ResortSwashbuckling feels like a national pastime as you take a tour around the Pirates of Nassau museum. You can even see how pirates lived – in luxury. Captain Graysmith’s house, now the Graycliff Hotel, has a cigar company, a dungeon packed with 275,000 bottles of wine and a five star restaurant with a wine list that’s 106 pages long.
Paradise Island lives up to its name. Off shore of Nassau, you can find the uninterrupted beach that rings the island. Be pampered in paradise at one of the island’s many resorts, such as Atlantis or One&Only Ocean ClubLay back and watch the vibrant ocean lap the white sands, have a massage, then a cold glass of sparkling wine. After your spell of relaxation, fuel your nights with excitement at the clubs and casinos, or head down the road to Nassau for some Goombay and Scrape & Rake music.
The laid-back alternative to Nassau, Grand Bahama has a mix of history and ecological attractions, including hiking and kayaking. The quiet beaches only make up some of its charm. With mangrove forest, sea caves, world-class diving spots and bone-fishing, this island always has something new to do up its 96-mile long sleeve.
To really experience The Bahamas, you must visit the Out Islands. Sailing to all 16 main islands and a myriad of cays might be tricky, but we can take you to our favourites. They each have their own charm and character, so whichever island you explore, you’ll find something special.
Andros has more than enough to sate your appetite for nature. It’s the biggest island in The Bahamas and its mangrove swamps are hardly touched by human influence. Andros has a special place in the diving world with its vertical caves, blue holes, both inland and offshore. It also has the third largest fringing barrier reef in the world, plunging 6,000 feet into the sea. But you don’t need to be a qualified diver to enjoy Andros’s natural splendour. Hike through the forests for birdwatching, grab a kayak to tour the shores or relax at one of Andros’s breathtaking beaches.
This pair of islands is like two sides of a coin. On one side, you have Eleuthera, a getaway for those after pure beach relaxation. Soak up the sun on white-sand beaches, have a dip in the warm ocean or experience the exhilarating dive at Devil’s Backbone, a shallow, ragged reef where there are shipwrecks. On the other side of the coin, you have the trendy neighbour, Harbour Island, also known as Briland. The tiny piece of Eden draws in rich residents with its boutiques, five star cuisine and laid-back pace of life. It’s a bit bonkers too, with millionaires and locals zipping along the streets in golf carts, the vehicle of choice.
Let out your inner Robinson Crusoe and find the desert island dream that you’ve always wanted. But there’s no need for solitude with Great Exuma’s lively bar scene and beach resorts that take luxury to a whole new level of bliss. With over 300 cays making up The Exumas, there’s more beaches than there are hotels, so you’re more than likely to find your own beach. However, you may find a beach already taken over by pigs, as is the case of the cuteness-overload on the nicknamed Pig island.
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