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Bahamas Holidays

Holidays in Bahamas

Scattered across the dappled turquoise and sapphire waters of the Atlantic Ocean like a fractured mirage, the Bahamas consist of hundreds of sun soaked islands of varying shapes and sizes. When planning a holiday to these sandy shores, however, you will be quick to discover that their size is not their only variant; each of the islands is imbued with its own unique character, meaning that whether you are hoping for the remote beauty of an unspoilt wilderness, a glamorous, celeb-studded party mecca or an oases of sun, sea and simple pleasures, you are sure to find it here. What the islands do share is their DNA of laidback, Caribbean charm, spectacular scenery and, of course, world-class beaches. 

Sun, sea and saucy streetlife, these islands turn dreams into reality as paradise is found on every island. With 16 main islands and a myriad of cays, the sprawling Bahamas has beaches in abundance. So it’s easy to find a piece of paradise all to yourself. Sugary white beaches, seashell decorated bays, pink sands, gold sands and beaches that invite you to saddle up a horse and ride along the shore.
Whatever the occasion, there’s bound to be a party somewhere in the islands. Junkanoo throws carnival atmosphere, Goombay drums and every colour under the sun into a marching fiesta through the streets. Or you can take to the beaches in Grand Bahama in July where every Friday, the Goombay Summer Festival takes over the peaceful shore with thumping local music, fresh food to eat and authentic arts and crafts to buy.
There’s more than enough to explore. Almost too much, in fact. Our experts have scoured and explored every island to find the ultimate beach adventure. If you want to scuba around the black-coral gardens of Bimini or visit the blue holes of Andros, we can arrange transfers and accommodation. And if you want to mix up the Bahamas with the USA, you can even party in Miami or sight-see in New York.
To find out more about the Bahamas islands, please read our Bahamas Travel Guide.

What type of Bahamas holiday are you interested in?

Why Bahamas?

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