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Antigua & Barbuda Holidays

Holidays in Antigua & Barbuda

With a beach for every day of the year, Antigua steals the hearts of all who arrive on its shores. We can even help you find your own slice of paradise by sailing out to a desert island. Antigua has more than a beautiful coastline. You can eat freshly caught lobster by the beach, shop along the colourful streets of St Johns and party the night away at the weekly fiesta. 
365 Gorgeous Beaches To Explore
Protected by a ring of coral reefs, Antigua’s beaches are some of the best in the world. The coral gives the sand a special pink glow. With a rich sea-life, there are many amazing diving spots around the island. But don’t just explore the sea beneath the waves. Set out on a charter boat and find the hard-to-reach havens, even sail over to Antigua’s sister island, Barbuda, for a romantic escapade.
Not Just A Relaxing Retreat
Relaxing at the beach is far from the only thing to do. Sailing enthusiasts can set out at the end of April for the world famous Antigua’s Sailing Week. Or you can watch the streets explode with colour and music during the Carnival. But you don’t have to wait for August to experience the party. There’s a fiesta every Sunday at Shirley Heights where history can be enjoyed with a healthy dose of steel bands and rum.
British Heritage In The Caribbean
As the most historic outpost in the Caribbean, the whole of Antigua is littered with remnants of its colonial past. English Harbour and Falmouth Bay bring the island’s maritime history to life, especially at Nelson’s Dockyard. The old docks have been lovingly restored, holding a fantastic museum with some of Nelson’s own trinkets on display.
The Gateway To The Undiscovered Islands Of The Caribbean
We’ll help you create a holiday that brings together the rich culture of Antigua with smaller islands so you can enjoy the perfect combination for your Caribbean getaway. Antigua has a prime location among the Lesser Antilles. Daily flights from the UK connect through Antigua with scheduled and charter services to less developed islands such as Anguilla, Guadeloupe and British Virgin Islands.
Beautiful Barbuda
Blessed with seemingly endless sandy beaches, host to a superb frigate bird colony and surrounded by crystal clear waters that are just perfect for diving wrecks and reefs, Barbuda is home to fewer than 2,000 people on its 62 square miles and provides the ultimate antidote to the stresses and strains of modern living. Think peace, quiet, relaxation and the bliss of “doing nothing”, or if you prefer, doing “something” such as visiting historical sites, Neolithic caves or the small town of Codrington but all at a very gentle pace. Just a 15 minute flight from “big sister” island Antigua, Barbuda is easy to reach but we think you’ll find her difficult to leave.

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