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Anguilla Holidays

Holidays in Anguilla

Just sixteen miles long and three miles across, this delightful gem of a destination is relatively undiscovered. On your luxury Anguilla holiday, discover the charm, tranquillity, serenity, and friendliness. The most northerly of the Leeward Islands, it’s famed for its powder white beaches - 33 at the last count. The coastline is just perfect for a Caribbean beach holiday, boasting long, uninterrupted stretches of soft white sand and near-private coves - some only accessible by sea and scarcely touched.

Anguilla is a truly unspoilt paradise with immense appeal for those looking for a relaxing and luxury beach holiday in the Caribbean. The only sweat you are expected to work up is on the beach or in the spa. This is good news if you’re planning a luxurious family holiday in the Caribbean, a quiet Anguillan break for two, or perhaps a chilled out and pampering honeymoon.

The island has some of the best accommodation in the Caribbean. It also has more than its fair share of excellent restaurants, earning it an enviable reputation for fine dining. Many of the hotels are known for their gourmet cuisine, while Anguilla's private restaurants are a gastronomic experience second to none.

A board sighted beside the road in the north of the island sums up Anguilla's spirit 'Life's a beach and then you dine'! Our travel specialists have hand chosen some breathtaking Anguilla beach holidays.

Unlike some of its Caribbean neighbours, Anguilla is strictly for sun-worshippers in search of perfect beaches during the day and fine food at night.

Contact our Caribbean specialists to plan your holiday in Anguilla.

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