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Why Choose Us?

And when we say creating, we don’t mean simply booking a few hotels and
flights, or cobbling together a package deal. We mean genuinely creating
unique trips that match every individual wish or whim of our clients to give
them memories that last a lifetime. We don’t rest at finding them the perfect
beachside hotel or the most adventurous safari, or the liveliest nightspots.
We want everything to be exactly right.
We’ve been able to do that for so long thanks to our team of destination experts.
Actually, ‘experts’ is too vague a term for people who live and breathe these
incredible destinations. These people have spent years falling in love with travel
before turning their passion into their profession.
Which means your travel experience will be put together by someone who knows
every nook, every cranny and every five star restaurant, remote beachside shack
or temple tour that will make your trip something special.
We’ve scoured the world for interesting angles on some of the most dramatic,
beautiful and exotic place you’re ever likely to visit. From the wild horses of the
mid West to a delicate tea ceremony in China, from the graceful tigers of India
to a beautiful sunset in the Caribbean, our travel experiences have it all.
Whether you want to shop til you drop or relax like you’ve never relaxed before
W&O travel experts know the best possible way to indulge you, your family, or
your friends.
In short, we guarantee you a W&Onderful experience.