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Las Terrazas Holidays

Holidays in Las Terrazas

The western province of Pinar del Rio is known for its stunning scenery, a landscape of prehistoric looking flat-top mountains or "mogotes", tobacco plantations, caves and rivers and verdant plateaux. The Viñales Valley and Las Terrazas are both found here, easily accessible from Havana and perfect for some relaxation after the bustle of Havana. This area produces the best tobacco in Cuba, some say in the world.

Las Terrazas is the best area in Cuba if you enjoy walking and hiking. Situated just outside Havana, this small co-operative village was set up in the 1960s to be self-sufficient. The hotel La Moka promotes ecotourism and is part of a the large eco-projcet that is ongoing in the Las Terrazas community. You can visit the Soroa waterfall, nearby caves and the town of Viñales from here or simply relax in this beautiful environment.

To plan your holiday to Las Terrazas, call our Cuba specialists today for more information.


We Found 1 Hotel
La Moka
Cuba | Las Terrazas
An hour's drive from Havana, La Moka is located within the rainforest of the Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve. A charming colonial style white washed-property, this simple but unique hotel overlooks a lake and has an old lime tree growing up through the hotel in the lobby.
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