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Where to go on holiday in October

As long, sunny days become more of a distant memory and the darker evenings begin anew, much of Europe and other parts of the world are still dancing to the summer rythym. The Far East is still soaking up the vitamin D, with sun bathed beaches and an extensive selection of hotels and resorts to choose from, as well as a whole host of attractions for families and couples alike. If you're an animal lover, you'll love heading down to one of Oman's beaches in the evening to watch the turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand and if you don't love animals, you'll love stretching out by the pool during the day. America is also enjoying dry, sunny days during October, as well as a colourful natural palette as the leaves change colour. If you're in search of a city break or a short haul holiday then Europe still has much to offer during October, particularly Greece and Croatia, to soak up some autumn sun! Make sure you call one of our specialists for tips and advice on where to go on holiday in October.

Oman Holidays

October is the ideal time to immerse yourself in the world of Arabian nights in Oman, a celebration of culture and history, as one of the oldest civilisations within the Arabian Peninsula.Tour the fascinating capital of Muscat and its ancient port soaking in the colourful history, picking up Omani specialities from the textile and craft markets. Get a hands on cultural experience by camping under the stars at a Bedouin tent, where meals are eaten on laps and singing and dancing continues long after the sun has gone to sleep. Seamlessly merging old with new, the traditional reed houses give way to luxurious resorts where water sports for the adventurous, and sun loungers and spas for those who are less so. Days of exploring ancient ports and harbours, tasting local delicacies and picking tasty treats in the bright citrus groves is about to unfold on your Oman holiday.

Average Temperature: 25℃
USA Holidays

Escape the October slump with a sunshine holiday in Florida, home of Mickey Mouse, the lush, Alligator infested Everglades and some of the trendiest beaches in America. Good, wholesome family fun can be found at the iconic Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios, while less wholesome but still very good, fun can also be found on South Beach where a host of very cool locals hang out in the sunshine. Down town Miami and the renowned Coconut Grove offer a luxury shopping experience and plenty of trendy bars to put your feet up in once you've shopped till you've dropped. Those in need of a break from Western culture will find the Everglades with their amass of birds, insects, manatees and alligators, best viewed on a thrilling air boat ride or during a day trip at the Everglades National Park. October in Florida promises to be an all encompassing experience that will sweep you up in  its everlasting party.

Average Temperature: 27℃
Greece Holidays

Catch the last of the Mediterranean summer in Greece during October, don your white gowns and your gold headbands and head to this cluster of stunning islands dotted about in the turquoise blue. After the ice-cream melting heat of summer, October marks the perfect time for a Grecian adventure, before the rainy season starts but after the summer tourists have gone. With such a diverse range of islands there is sure to be something to satisfy every taste and fancy, from the cosmopolitan chic of Mykonos with its luxury yachts and unforgettable restaurants, to the stunning mountainous landscape of Crete. Intrepid explorers with love discovering the hidden caves and gorges that can be found between the olive groves and rugged coastline. Swap cold evenings for the magic of Santorini your daily commute for the mythology of Athens with a holiday to Greece.

Average Temperature: 20℃
Grenada Holidays

Affectionately called ‘Spice Island’ due to its famously deliciously nutmeg, ginger and vanilla, Grenada enjoys warm temperatures throughout October with a laid back Caribbean vibe that will have you smitten in no time! Relaxation is the name of the game here where long leisurely strolls are the best way to travel and nothing is really that important before midday. With this in mind all that is left to do is lay back, on beach or sun lounger, to enjoy some of the authentic Caribbean cuisine, sip an iced tea or bury your head in that novel you've been waiting to read for ages. If you can prise yourself from the clutches of the azure waters then the stunning mountain forests await, intrepid explorers may make it through to the mangrove forests and out onto the idyllic beaches the other side. Those that prefer swimming to walking will delight in the vibrant coral reefs just off shore with their effervescent marine life. Alternatively head into town for a taste of local treats in the markets or an insight into the fascinating history of this Caribbean paradise. 

Average Temperature: 30℃