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Where to go on holiday in November

It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom this winter, as it marks the perfect time to do some city exploring around Europe, or if you still have an insatiable appetite for the summer sun than head to destinations further afield, such as Dubai with its fine dining and tax free shopping. Parts of Asia too, such as Vietnam, are still sunning themselves and with their rich culture and plethora of exploration opportunities, makes the ideal getaway for a family or group of friends, who want it all! Egypt is also a prime location during November, with the weather cool enough to comfortably sightsee or even more comfortably, relax on the Red Sea Coast. The majestic pyramids and natural wonderment of the Nile are all just a five hour flight away and promise temperatures in the mid 20's. Make sure you call one of our specialists for tips and advice on where to go on holiday in November.

Hong Kong Holidays

Due to the cooling breeze that mixes with the copious sunshine to create a mild warmth that spreads through every inch of you, most people believe November is the best time to visit Hong Kong, and they would be right! Known for its seamless blend of old and new, mixing over five thousand years of traditional with the influence of the British and visions for future years, a holiday to Hong Kong is sure to stay fresh and exciting from start to finish as you explore this ever adapting city. Its world renowned skyline and the commercial heart, creating a jungle of black silhouettes against the sky, stands in the foreground of the green peaks that surround it. Avid trekkers, or those who can find someone to carry them, can marvel at the city views from Victoria Peak, looking out over the buildings and Kowloon Peninsula. A must while you’re here is trying the shredded jellyfish, a delicacy, however even if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, your holiday certainly won’t.

Average Temperature: 28℃
Riviera Maya Holidays

Cancun’s much more high-end, luxurious sister, the Riviera Maya maintains a warm climate throughout November and boasts some of the best beaches and coastline in Mexico with a laid back atmosphere. A dream destination for those who don’t want to commit to an entire holiday on the beach but don’t want to forgo any relaxation time as the jungle provides a plethora of exploration opportunities, Tulum, full of breathtaking Mayan ruins with beautiful sea views from its cliff top and of course luxurious spa’s never more than a few steps away. Mexico has a rich culture, full of colour and fascinating traditions and history, that you can’t help but be engulfed by, whether it’s in the taste of their signature dish mole (pronounced mo-lay) or face-to-face with the wildlife found at one of the eco-parks. A complete package for families, couples and friends, a holiday in the Riviera Maya will be one you never forget.

Average Temperature: 25℃
Vietnam Holidays

November is a great month for visiting the lesser known areas of Vietnam and straying from the beaten track to discover the hidden treasures that this fascinating country has to offer. For years Vietnam was kept a secret among backpackers, however more and more people are being enticed by it’s versatile landscape, mixing the mountain peaks of Hanoi with the modern luxuries that we now expect when we travel. Uncover the ancient customs of hill tribes who survive with little external influence and provide a captivating insight into a totally alternative way of life. Excite your taste buds with a trip to one of the buzzing markets, where trying is encouraged and cookery classes are offered to help you conjure up your very own Vietnamese treats to take home to your friends and family! With miles of hiking and biking trails, National Parks and miles of beaches, you can mix spa visits with outdoor activities or a sight seeing tour around the Colonial exteriors of Ho Chi Minh City.

Average Temperature: 26℃
Dubai Holidays

One of the most trendy, exciting destinations in the world right now, Dubai is a glittering metropolis of sky-skimming buildings, pristine beaches and glamour round every corner. Many flock here during the summer months to take advantage of the tax-free shopping; however you’ll find all the same high end shops and boutiques with less of a crowd in November. With temperatures in the high twenties you can still take advantage of the beautiful beaches and stunning resort swimming pools, in fact the slightly lower temperature means that there is less need to douse yourself in iced water throughout the day. Outside of the very cosmopolitan city with its chic rooftop bars, the contrast of the quiet desert offers ample day trip opportunities, from an adrenaline inducing Jeep safari to an evening under the stars drinking traditional Bedouin tea round an open fire. Go on, treat yourself to a Dubai holiday, it’s almost Christmas!

Average Temperature: 25℃