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Where to go on holiday in May

May screams, 'visit the Med! visit the Med', and visit the Med you should, with temperatures resting pefectly in the mid 20's, sightseeing and sunsoaking are on the cards, as well as lower rates than the summer due to it being the early season. Unbroken sunshine, low humidity and delightful evening temperatures can all be expected, as can the upmost attention from staff as hotels and resorts are not yet full, unless you go at the very end of May during school holidays. And you don't have to travel very far to take part in the sunshine fiesta, with Crete and many of Greece's picturesque islands, including the lesser explored Paxos, offering a laid-back reunion with the warmth. Spain too is offering a rather enticing 9 hours of sunshine, in particular the Costa de la Luz with its endless beaches and stunning pine forests, as well as the Amalfi coast in Italy. Make sure you call one of our specialists for tips and advice on where to go on holiday in May.

Portugal Holidays

Discover Portugal, one of Europe’s greatest secrets, a country where rocky landscapes surround vibrant, stylish cities and both are engulfed in years of seafaring heritage and traditions. Outside of peak season, a trip here in May will afford you first choice of towel-laying spot on the delicious beaches perched on the renowned Algarve coast in the South. Ideal sun worshipping spots are coupled with quaint villages where locals are eager to immerse you in their cultures, as well as sprawling cities like the architecturally beautiful capital of Lisbon, where characterful neighbourhoods and water sports on the River Tagus are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Premier golf courses and tennis courts that will satisfy the keen sportsmen among us can be found all over the country, so whether your staying in city or countryside you’re never too far away from 18-holes with a view. 

Average Temperature: 18℃
Greece Holidays

When you think of Greece you may imagine whitewashed buildings dotted up the cliff side, azure waters, Grecian gods and goddesses draped in jewels wearing heavenly expressions and sundowners as the sky turns purple and red. Well you’d be correct, although we can’t promise any divine encounters of the goddess nature, we can promise a sun-kissed, laid back country exuding romance and adventure. The surrounding islands, including Crete, Santorini and Mykonos, are all within easy travelling distance so you can soak up the varying cultures, sights and sounds of each. Back on mainland though you must visit the Meteora, meaning ‘middle of the sky’ where, aptly, six monasteries appear suspended in the air as they perch on sandstone heaps. Whether it’s island living your’re pining for or the hustle and bustle of town life, the original Olympic city is just waiting to win the race for your heart.

Average Temperature: 24℃
Bali Holidays

May marks the perfect time to visit Bali as the climate is slightly cooler than at other times during the dry season and any rain fall is light and short.  This creates the perfect climate in which to enjoy Bali’s heady mix of vibrant night life and bustling markets as well as a feeling of serenity and a ‘stripped back’ mentality to life. Breathtaking scenery and lazy beach days are to be expected from island life, but the entrancing atmosphere, rich heritage and sheer volume of activities on offer may surprise you. Sure to take your breath away is Borobudur, the largest Buddhist monument in the world, perched on a hill is a huge step pyramid structure built with colossal stone blocks and affording views of the valleys below. Thrill seekers can take their pick of Jeep safaris, white water rafting and cliff jumping into the crystal clear lagoons of the Indian Ocean, while sun worshippers will love the laid back attitude, beach bars and ample strolling opportunities. Bali is renowned for its yoga and meditation retreats, a break from the strain of modern life and an opportunity for some reflection amid beautiful landscapes and unique living conditions.

Average Temperature: 28℃
Antigua Holidays

May is Antigua’s off season, meaning that you get all the benefits of the sun which still heats the island to within the high twenties, without all the crowds and expense. Although avid sailors will know that the island has a long tradition of sailing, many people return to Antigua for the sun-kissed beaches that come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, in every corner of the island. Island life here is relaxed and friendly, focused on the important things, like spending quality time with loved ones, enjoying fresh food and spending your days recuperating on your own floating paradise. Amble down the beach, popping into the various beach hut stalls that nestle under the palm trees, selling a variety of home-made crafts and traditional island fare. The more adventurous travellers will love the wide variety of water sports on offer from wind surfing to snorkelling.

Average Temperature: 27℃
Holidays in Spain

Spain is the long loved holiday destination of choice for families and couples alike, with something for everyone and sunny, mild temperatures it is just a short plane ride away. May is a great month to visit, while children are at school and the majority of people are only beginning to think of summer holidays, Spain’s dazzling coastlines shimmer under the spring sun and the twisting streets of the cities old towns are full of locals battering at their market stalls or going about their daily business in the warmth. A perfect blend of sandy beaches, pina coladas on your sunlounger and cultural activities, from the Costa del Sol to the islands off the East Coast, there is never a shortage of places to discover, landscapes to trek and local charm to soak up. 

Average Temperature: 22℃