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Where to go on holiday in March

Technically the beginning of Spring, March brings baby lambs, the beginnings of blossom and great opportunities for discovering new destinations. It also marks one of the best times of the year to pay a visit to the United Arab Emirates,with Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman enjoying temperatures of over 30ºC, meaning its breakfast al fresco by the beach or on your private balcony here to maximise sun-soaking time. 9 hours of sunshine a day can also be sought in Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Grenada, and you won't have to share the vitamin D either as the main tourist influx here is during the summer season. Spring's rosy fingers are also touching New York; an ideal time to visit the city that never sleeps as you'll avoid the extreme heat of the summer, meaning you can enjoy leisurely strolls around Central Park and up 5th Avenue without a parasol. California, Las Vegas and Miami are also great destinations to visit if you're planning an American road trip! Make sure you call one of our specialists for tips and advice on where to go on holiday in March.

Abu Dhabi Holidays

March is a great month to visit this thriving epicentre of the United Arab Emirates, as events and festivals descend on this sophisticated city. A mix of endless deserts and immaculate beaches, get involved in the culture of Abu Dhabi with the aptly named ‘Abu Dhabi Festival’ of music and dance, or the Spring bazaar where you can sample the jewelled delights of crafts makers from around the city. It’s hard to believe that Abu Dhabi was once a fishing village, as it is now a thriving hub-bub, however the old heritage and the new wealth have blended effortlessly together between the luxury hotels, golf courses, deserts and the only ‘Ferrari’ theme park. Your office desk just a distant memory, Abu Dhabi will sweep you up in its roller-coaster of excitement, glamour and year round sunshine.

Average Temperature: 25℃
India Holidays

March is one of the best months to visit this engaging, bustling, spiritually awakening country, where hectic is a way of life. With over one billion people calling this unique country home, India is lively, busy and exceptionally intriguing, it is impossible not to be swept up in the culture. Marvel at the regal Taj Mahal, gawp at the majestic Tigers inhabiting Central India, or get back to basics and retreat into nature at one of the mountain wellness centres. Bursting with life, the cities offer a diverse range of foods, sights, sounds, smells and people for you to drink in, while the vast foothills of the Himalayas offer a more tranquil break. Those in search of treasures will find them in abundance here, whether they are purchased from the thriving craft markets or sought in the glistening waters of a mountain lake.

Average Temperature: 31℃
Luxury Nepal Holidays

March in Nepal is a vibrant affair, as the sun bathes the bustling markets, stunning architecture and kaleidoscope of cultures and colours in a warm glow sure to captivate your heart just as much as the country is. Steeped in fascinating history, Nepal offers lots to explore, from the main tourist hot spots to the lesser known scenic spots and trails. Keen trekkers and families alike can meander the mountains either on foot or from the comfort of a luxury lodge, soak up the religion at the famous Buddhist sites of Swayambhunath and the Bodhnath Stupa, or immerse themselves amid the hospitable locals. Well known for its nature trails and wildlife adventures, a March break in this pulsating country promises elephant rides through the grasslands, religious and cultural enlightenment and sundowners overlooking the mountains.

Average Temperature: 26℃
Trinidad & Tobago Holidays

Rookie divers and avid scuba enthusiasts alike will love the clear waters and beautiful coral reefs of Trinidad and Tobago while sun worshippers and timid tan searchers will enjoy the endless bronze beaches, with plenty of shade from the palm trees. This laid back island is well known for its relaxed attitude toward life: the pace is slow and easy, the people are friendly and open and there are hardly any western influences in sight. Tobago is delightfully uncommercialised, it is the untouched paradise spoken about in books, with many hotels keeping a minimalist theme, and why would you want to clutter such a haven? Days here are uncomplicated, filled with laughter and fun, whether it be in the form of water sports or getting lost in that novel you've been waiting to read. Let the calm wash over you as you’re greeted by smiles and invited open armed into a community that understands the good things in life, are free. 

Average Temperature: 30℃
Barbados Holidays

March is a great time to visit the Caribbean and particularly Barbados, which is still happily enjoying 9 hours of sunshine a day and temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius. Rugged mountainous terrains meet seamless white beaches and quaint villages share their greens with Monkeys, and among it all, the laid-back residents stroll about their business, enjoying life. Barbados is a firm favourite for travellers year after year, so the quieter month of March is a great time for first timers to seek out what makes this the heart throb of all islands. Strolls through endless sugar cane fields, riding the waves of the boisterous east coast and hand holding at sunset awaits…

Average Temperature: 29℃