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Where to go on holiday in June

The summer holidays are in sight but until then the long days of sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures coupled with low humidity make June a great month around the Mediterrranean and parts of Europe. France boasts ample opportunies for glamorous evenings in the dwindling warmth and coastal resorts offer privacy and lenghty days of sea dipping and lazy cocktails. Greece, Spain and Croatia are dual gems during this season, with short city breaks or long coastal holidays equally as enjoyable whether you are an art lover or a sun worshipper. Furhter a field Mauritius, Antigua and Barbados spread across the worlds oceans are ideal sun traps, boasting natural beauty and plenty of adventure opportunies as well as an ideal climate for doing nothing should you so choose. Make sure you call one of our specialists for tips and advice on where to go on holiday in June.

Singapore Holidays

Singapore could almost be a mini globe of its own, divided in a plethora of districts Little India to Riverside, steeped in colonial heritage and offering a plethora of statues dedicated to its history, although much of the colonial structures disappeared after it gained independence. This vibrant city is bursting with life, from its buzzing city metropolis of skyscrapers, shopping centres and restaurants (in fact Singapore has gained the accolade of Asia’s culinary capital), to its small fishing villages strung across the Singaporean River. June is the perfect time to visit this glitzy city with it’s deluge of attractions, from the more expensive (the annual F1 Grand Prix) to the cheap and cheerful (tasting the various delicacies from the street food vendors), as the weather stays warm throughout the day and into the evening. With Orchard road, the main shopping street, gaining the title for world’s best shopping experience in 2012, shopaholics will be excited to know it trumps Paris’ Champs Elysée and London’s beloved Oxford Street. Think cosmopolitan, think stunning botanical gardens, think dazzling lights, think Singapore. 

Average Temperature: 32℃
Mauritius Holidays

Combining influences from Africa, India, Europe and the Orient, Mauritius is an island paradise that has taken the best of the world and combined it into one dreamy holiday destination. It’s got the white sandy beaches we drool over at work, the striking mountain ranges we marvel at in our friend’s holiday snaps and the crystal clear azure waters lapping the edges of those freshly cut golf courses we ogle at on the train. In short, it has it all, in fact Mark Twain claimed that the concept of ‘paradise’ originated here. Boasting some of the worlds most luxurious hotels, hospitable locals and internationally acclaimed spa treatments, paradise it seems, is all about relaxation, cutting off and leaving yourself adrift in the middle of the Indian Ocean with the sun on your back. Explore the shallow lagoons or cool off under the refreshing waters of Tamarin Falls, indulge or some water sports or take a leisurely stroll around the markets in the capital of Port Louis. Mauritius really is the destination that caters to everyone.

Average Temperature: 21℃
Malaysia Holidays

Malaysia has often been called a micro version of South-east Asia, due to its variety of wildlife, natural beauty, landscapes and villages ranging from the very wealthy to the humble, yet tranquil villages. Pack for everything and anything, from bikinis for those days where the sun lounger to bar is exercise enough, to those that are taken up by trekking through the dense rainforest, spotting rare, colourful birds and soaking up the unique atmosphere. The plethora of cultures that have contributed to everything this island is today are visible everywhere from the food to the traditions to the sites, all combining to make Malaysia a diverse haven of harmony and beauty. While you’re here make sure to visit Kuala Lumpur, from humble beginnings as a small Chinese mining town, to an expansive modern city, complete with striking skyscrapers and shopping malls while some how managing to keep hold of its traditional roots.

Average Temperature: 30℃
Cyprus Holidays

With the scorching summer heat yet to arrive, the long days of sunshine and the cooling tender breeze, June is the perfect time to pack up and head to Cyprus in the Mediterranean. With most holiday makers heading to America or the Caribbean at this time of year the beautiful beaches and stunning cities here are left to the more ‘in the know’ tourist to explore and enjoy at leisure, and without the peak prices or crowds. This versatile country combines the relaxation and hotels of a luxury beach holiday as well as the attractions and adventure opportunities of a city break. Hibernate at a beachside resort in the foothills of the Troodos mountain range and its stunning painted churches, or explore the past beneath the ocean waves with a wreck dive in Larnaca. Here you can see the Zenobia; a ship that sunk in 1980’s during her maiden voyage and now laying 1,500 yards offshore, a playground for the sea life there. Cyprus beckons this spring, and it’s holding a glass of wine and a fresh beach towel. 

Average Temperature: 28℃