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Where to go on holiday in January

As long, sunny days become more of a distant memory and the darker evenings begin anew, much of Europe and other parts of the world are still dancing to the summer rythym. The Far East is still soaking up the vitamin D, with sun bathed beaches and an extensive selection of hotels and resorts to choose from, as well as a whole host of attractions for families and couples alike. If you're an animal lover, you'll love heading down to one of Oman's beaches in the evening to watch the turtles come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand and if you don't love animals, you'll love stretching out by the pool during the day. America is also enjoying dry, sunny days during October, as well as a colourful natural palette as the leaves change colour. If you're in search of a city break or a short haul holiday then Europe still has much to offer during October, particularly Greece and Croatia, to soak up some autumn sun! Make sure you call one of our specialists for tips and advice on where to go on holiday in October.

Maldives Holidays

While Europe battles with the icy grip of Winter, The Maldives enjoy sunshine and low humidity from December until April, making it the perfect January getaway. Sprinkled across the middle of the Indian Ocean, the islands offer you a glimpse into paradise: endless white beaches, turquoise lagoons, crystal clear waters and coral reefs bursting with weird and wonderful life forms. Whether its relaxation and a break from the rain you are looking for or an action packed adventure for you and your loved ones, the Maldives offers an authentic island experience, void of mass groups of party seekers and instead bursting with unique charm and a fresh take on life and how it should be!

Average Temperature: 30℃
Dominican Republic

Bigger than most of the countries in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic offers a diverse range of beaches, wildlife, lagoons and cultures to explore while the rain pours back home. From the rum factories and mountains on the North coast to what the locals claim are the ‘prettiest’ beaches in the country on the South, you can expect a medley of footprint free beaches, lively restaurants and bars as well as natural scenery straight from a glossy catalogue. A heady mix of a rather colourful past combined with the exuberant hospitality and tranquillity of the present day, the Dominican Republic is a safe bet for a vibrant yet idyllic escape.

Average Temperature: 25℃
Jamaica Holidays

Jamaica, home of the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, and the birthplace of Reggae and the world renowned Blue Mountain coffee, is also a great place to visit in January. This laid back island enjoys gentle warmth throughout the month, with temperatures staying in the mid to high twenties, meaning you can make the most of the white sandy beaches while staying cool with a famous Red-stripe beer. Floating lazily in the Caribbean, the island is well known for its party spirit and laid back mentality, with January seeing the return of the Rebel Salute festival, the biggest Reggae party of the year. Jamaica will engulf you in a world where river rafting and Jeep safaris are complemented by a meander around the various markets and historical buildings so whether its beach life you pine for or exotic carnival atmosphere, Jamaica is sure not to disappoint.

Average Temperature: 29℃
Abu Dhabi Holidays

The UK may still be under the clutches of winter in January but seven hours way in the cosmopolitan metropolis of bright lights, chic bars and palm fringed beaches, Abu Dhabi is most certainly not. In fact this country in the Middle East is still enjoying temperatures in the mid twenties, perfect weather for sauntering along the sandy beach or picking up some authentic treasures at the bustling souk. Luxury is the name of the game here, from the hotels, to the world class golf, dining and the spas, where days can be wiled away in ultimate relaxation. Whether you’re intrigued by the Middle Eastern heritage or can’t wait to get out into the desert on a Jeep, Abu Dhabi is sure to cater to your every whim. 

Average Temperature: 24℃