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Where to go on holiday in April

As Spring takes the Mediterrenean in its grip and the UAE's temperatures continue to climb, take advantage of the pre summer season before the heat in many of these destinations takes over. Head to the Mediterranean, enjoying temperatures in the 20's and 6 hours of daily sunshine, where nights are cooler yet pleasant and the sea serves as a refreshing break from beach heat. This is also the perfect time for city breaks around the med, towns like Dubrovnik or atmospheric old fortress town Split in Croatia offer lots to do both inside and out, as well as the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The Aegean coast of Turkey is particularly captivating thsit time of year, with ideal weather, few tourists and sandy beaches. If you're after a beach break, Dubai and the UAE in general boast perfect sunbathing conditions, a little too hot maybe for vehement sight seeing but ideal for relaxation. Here are the countries we believe are best to visit in April, from where is hot to where is least busy and everything in between. Make sure you call one of our specialists for tips and advice on where to go on holiday in April.

Luxury St Lucia Holidays

St Lucia is the Siren of the Caribbean, enticing tourists with its arresting coastline, luscious greenery paired perfectly with the lapping turqouise waters rippling beaneath the volcanic mountains: it whispers, “come, relax, enjoy”. Sheltered by a blanket of rainforest until it reaches the white sands that fade seamlessly into the ocean, the island of St Lucia is a romantic hide away where outdoor showers and private plunge pools are just part of daily life. Home to an impressive array of wildlife and landscape, unspoilt beaches and acres and acres of plantations, St Lucia was once a French, then British, Naval port and views of the picturesque harbour can still be enjoyed from the grassy knowles of Morne Fortune, the ‘Hill of Good Luck’. These natural delights are interspersed with markets bursting with exotic produce, historical landmarks hinting at the island's colourful past and golf courses affording stunning views.

Average Temperature: 29℃
Turkey Holidays

April, when the days are not too hot and the nights are not too cold, is the perfect time to discover 2,000 years of Turkish history leaving behind Roman ruins, temples and paving the way for the plethora of museums and galleries that are dotted across the country today. Despite its historical architecture and old roots, Turkey is still very much a youthful, vibrant country with stylish bars, lively restaurants and luxurious resorts and spas. Whether it is the Aegean Coast, Homer’s own ‘land of the eternal blue’ to the sophisticated boulevards of Antalya, Turkey delights sun worshippers and history buffs alike. Bursting with culture from old villages to sea, Turkey is sure to sweep you up in its water-sporting, sun-downing, history-learning charm.

Average Temperature: 21℃
Barbados Holidays

Just 21 by 14 miles wide, Barbados is a tiny island with a big heart and a surprising range of activities for its size! A relaxed, feel-good vibe is mandatory here as reggae, jazz and calypso music drift from the bars and rum shacks and out onto the tranquil beaches of the west coast, where sunsets can be enjoyed or little ones watched as they frolic in the azure waters. Further inland cane fields and tropical forests promise adventure and excitement, such as the magical Welchman Hall Gully, the panoramic vistas best captured from the Flower Forest and the crystallised cavern of Harrisons Cave. And the escapades don’t stop where the sea begins! The waters surrounding this haven are bursting with coral and colourful under water life, just waiting to be explored through a snorkel or from the dry deck of a catamaran at sunset.

Average Temperature: 28℃
Italy Holidays

Ah Italy, the home of fine wines, delicious pastas and great holidays during April, where the temperatures increase as the month goes on. Flowers are blooming and tourists are scarce due to it being out of season, which is a shame for them as they miss out on all the spring festivities that happen at this time, but great for you! Indulge in some Italian culture during Holy Week, with outdoor concerts and all sorts of festivals and markets burst into life to celebrate the return of the much missed sun. All the usual delights this region has to offer can still be expected, the romantic gondola rides of Venice, the stunning architecture of Rome and the beautiful vineyards of Tuscany.  Whether you want to stroll round the cities taking into the sites or hire bikes, pack a picnic and head off into the wilderness, Italy is happy to accommodate. 

Average Temperature: 15℃
Dubai Holidays

Although Dubai is a great holiday destination all year round, April marks a particularly exciting time to visit as it is Dubai Art Season: arts and craft workshops for all ages, exhibitions and various film screenings are dotted about the city, creating an exciting atmosphere and giving you an insight into Dubai’s design culture. All the parts of this sparkling city that attract visitors year round are still there, from the tax-free world-class shopping to desert trails and Ferrari world. The sea lapping at the beaches glitters in the sunlight while the blanket of lights from the world famous skyline shine at night, best viewed from one of the glamorous roof top bars or restaurants. 

Average Temperature: 26℃