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The wonderful Lorraine Kelly recently travelled with Western & Oriental to India, spotting tigers and visiting the unspoilt and majestic Western Ghats. We were able to catch up with Lorraine and ask her about the sorts of holidays that she enjoys. Read our Q&A with Lorraine Kelly below:


What elements of a holiday score highly with you?

I love a holiday where I feel I really get a sense of the place I am visiting – the culture, food and the people. I love to see all the sights and I always read as much as possible before hand.

Do you prefer to have a multi-centre holiday combining wildlife/adventures with city and beaches or are you more of a fly and flop traveller?

I am not at all a fly and flop holidaymaker. Although it would be relaxing for a day or two, I would soon get a bit bored just lounging around on the beach or by the pool.

What attracted you to India’s wildlife experiences and did you see the animals you hoped to?

I love combining holidays like wildlife safaris and adventures with a city and beaches.

Any unexpected wildlife sightings?

I love India, my brother has worked in Mumbai and I had such a terrific visit there two years ago. It’s an incredible city.  I really wanted to come back to India to see tigers in the wild. We were lucky enough to see three wild tigers. It was an experience I will never forget, truly incredible.

You travelled to the little known Western Ghats, what attracted you to that area and did it match your expectations?

I was intrigued by the Western Ghats because it is a part of the world that is known as the Scotland  of India. I can see what they mean. It’s green, misty and magical. The scenery is glorious and I felt very much at home.

You stayed at the new Vivanta by Madikeri at Coorg. Did you take advantage of the spa and have any Ayurvedic massages? Or did you enjoy the great views, do any walks or other activities?

The new Vivanta by Taj Madikeri, Coorg is a beautiful retreat. It has been so cleverly designed to blend in with the scenery and it is such a relaxing haven as well as being a place where you are thoroughly spoiled.
The first thing we did was a nature walk after the car journey, which was fascinating and gave a real insight into the area. The views, especially from the infinity pools are stunning and the food, especially local Coorg cuisine was fantastic. I needed those nature walks and swims to work it off.
There’s also a spa where you can can Ayurvedic massages and treatments specially designed just for you.

Where would you like to go next, any dream destinations?

I’d love to go to Antarctica and to Vladivostok and I am hoping to visit New Zealand.