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You’ve been fantasising about it for months (if not years), you’re buzzing with different ideas and you can’t wait to get started – but where to start? Although exciting, the high expectations and dizzying array of choices and decisions to make mean that booking your honeymoon can also be stressful and even a little overwhelming at times. However, help is at hand – follow our six useful booking tips to minimise stress and ensure that you round off your wedding in true fairytale style, by having the honeymoon you’ve been dreaming of.

1.     Decide on names

Before your honeymoon, it’s important to decide whether or not you want to travel under your new married name. In general, it is best to book airline tickets and rooms under the pre-wedding names of both parties, as they will need to match the name on your passport (which you’re unlikely to be able to have changed until a few weeks or months after the wedding.) Whatever you do, stick to your decision once you’ve made it – airlines charge heavily for name changes!

2.     Speak to someone with firsthand knowledge

Wherever you decide to go in the end, be certain to talk to someone who has actually been to the destination and property you’re intending to stay in – nothing beats firsthand knowledge, and speaking to one of our experts can be both enlightening and reassuring!

3.     Take all the time you need

If the thought of jetting off on you’re honeymoon the moment your wedding is over is making you feel rushed then simply wait awhile! Planning a wedding and a honeymoon at the same time is a lot of pressure – if you feel like it’s too much at once, wait until a few months after the wedding to go away. Not only will you give yourselves more time to plan but with the wedding out of the way, all honeymoon-related decisions will have your full attention – meaning that they won’t be hasty or panicked!

 4.     Be on top of your budget

Perhaps the main cause of honeymoon related stress is money; however, if you plan your budget carefully and stay on top of it throughout your booking, it doesn’t have to be. Decide together which parts of your honeymoon you’re happy to splash out more on and where you could maybe save, and be sure to track what you spend.

5.     Decide what you definitely want

If you both have several different destinations in mind, narrowing down your honeymoon options can be the hardest part. Making a list of the top things that you both definitely want from your honeymoon (e.g. spas, wildlife, beaches) can really help to give you some focus (and find a balance if you have a few different ideas!)


6.     Tell people it’s your honeymoon

Finally, don’t be shy about letting the world know you’re on your honeymoon! Our travel specialists will be happy to help find you special honeymoon deals and discounted rates, while you may find it paying off in the form of complimentary meals, room upgrades and discounted tours and activities while you’re away.