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Western & Oriental understand that your honeymoon is the most romantic holiday of your life, so we’ve put together a definitive guide to the 5 most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world...
Infinity pool at Trisara in Phuket Infinity pool at Trisara in Phuket


Thailand has always captured the imagination of soon-to-be newlyweds who are planning their honeymoon and with good reason. Perhaps the essence of Thailand’s popularity amongst honeymooners stems from the sheer variety that the kingdom offers its visitors. From enchantingly beautiful islands of pristine white sand to bustling, vibrant cities, from rolling hills to exotic forests, Thailand is certainly a feast for all the senses.
Its variety also means that it’s very easy for newlyweds to tailor their honeymoon to be exactly how they’ve always pictured it. If you simply want to revel in your new found marital bliss in a secluded beach resort, then there’s no shortage of options. A couple of weeks lounging on Koh Samui being pampered on a daily basis should fit the bill nicely!
Alternatively, if you want to start your marriage off with a sense of adventure, then how about a journey into Chaing Rai (Northern Thailand) for a spot of elephant trekking coupled with river boat rides to explore the region?
Whatever your preferred speed of honeymoon, whatever your style, Thailand has an abundance of options to suit every price range and preference.
Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala, India Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala, India


Once again, variety is the spice of life that India offers up on a platter to all of its guests, making it another tailor-made location to plan the most magical honeymoon. Do you wish to brave tiger-stalked forests and the snowy peaked mountains? Do you hanker for a more languid journey lolling about on a sumptuous houseboat while a well-trained crew gently guide you through the waterways of Kerala? Perhaps the magnificence of marble palaces and gleaming golden archways present a more tempting treat?
All this and so much more lies on India’s doorstep waiting to be discovered. From the simplicity of bargain beach huts to exquisite hotels that ooze opulence, every honeymoon budget is catered for; it’s purely a case of deciding which locations and activities pique your interests the most.
Whatever your decision, you won’t be disappointed by India’s dizzying but exhilarating culture. It’s a heady mixture of being both spirited and serene, chaotic and calming all at once. Regardless of your destination, you can still count on the welcoming friendliness of locals and being treated to world-class hospitality.
LUX Le Morne, Mauritius LUX Le Morne, Mauritius


Secluded out in the Indian Ocean about 1,200 miles southeast off the African coast sits the enchantingly beautiful island of Mauritius. Spread across a plateaux of brilliant blues and greens an intrepid couple of newlyweds can discover volcanoes, hidden lagoons, sleepy fishing villages and so much more. Not only is Mauritius a feast for the eyes, it’s also a culinary delight as the island’s Creole, French and Indian heritage fuse together to create an unforgettable experience for your tastebuds.
Many of Mauritius’ best beach resorts are situated around the sparkling turquoise lagoons that are formed along the island’s edge and create the ultimate surroundings for relaxation, as the calm waters lap gently at the pristine sand. So prepare to unwind as all your troubles fall away and you only have eyes for each other… and possibly the stunning views!
The Sandpiper, Barbados The Sandpiper, Barbados


The Caribbean offers the classic combo craved by the majority of newlyweds: romance and relaxation. Barbados is one of the island group’s forerunners in providing everything that honeymooners need to experience both halves of this winning formula.
The infusion of West Indian cultures and rich British colonial heritage has created the perfect backdrop for an idyllic island retreat. Life is definitely meant to be enjoyed at a more leisurely pace here, which will no doubt be a welcome change for newlyweds after the frenetic build-up to the wedding! So prepare to ease comfortably into a honeymoon where the most taxing choice of the day will most likely be limited to what scrumptious sunset cocktail to choose to accompany your exquisite evening meal.
However, don’t think that just because it’s thoroughly relaxing that Barbados can’t keep you entertained as well. If spectator sports are your speed, the island offers excellent opportunities to watch polo, golf or cricket matches at elegant clubs where many titans of their respective sports have made their names.
Perhaps the most magical sight that Barbados has to offer is that of the spectacular sea turtles who seem to love visiting the island as much as newlyweds do! For a more personal encounter with these adorable creatures you can book to have a snorkelling session with them in Paynes Bay. If you’re very lucky with your timing, you might even be able to catch one of their egg clusters hatching on the beach!
Sunset Cabana at Alila Uluwau, Bali Sunset Cabana at Alila Uluwau, Bali


With aliases like 'Jewel of Indonesia' and 'Island of the Gods' it’s no wonder that Bali is one of the most magical destinations in the world, attracting honeymooning couples looking to for a sense of wonderment. Bali’s curious mix of Indian, Chinese and Dutch colonial influences make it a unique prospect for couples exploring a piece of eastern paradise.
If you’re looking for modern cosmopolitan chic then the capital Denpensar is the perfect place to start your Bali odyssey. The city is studded with exquisite restaurants and plush hotels that nestle between clubs and bars that give Denpensar an upbeat tempo to its nightlife. Of course, if you’d prefer to take your honeymoon at a more leisurely pace then Bali has no shortage of enchanting beach resorts for you to while away your days in carefree bliss. Kuta is one of the numerous white sand beach havens that tempt surfers and swimmers from all around the world to take a dip in its sparkling azure waters.
To begin planning your dream honeymoon, call our Destination Experts today on 0207 666 1234.